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  • Services miniers – Audet & Knight

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About us

For a highly specialized company such as Audet & Knight, service quality is paramount.

We build on our skilled team and cutting-edge equipment to showcase our excellent reputation. Our goal is to remain the leader in the bridges and culverts, foundations and deep foundations, retaining walls and cofferdams, and underwater work sectors.



Audet & Knight Mining Services integrates the market and stands out for its desire to offer outstanding service to meet industry requirements through proactivity, ingenuity, and professionalism.


Our Values

Health and safety

Prevention is at the heart of our operations through training, precise procedures, risk analysis, adapted equipment, and personalized supervision.


Respect is reflected throughout our entire team. Our customers' standards and requirements are our priorities. We believe that an open and frank dialogue with our customers and employees allows us to continually improve our practices and increase our competitiveness.


Our whole organization is motivated and working closely with our clients and partners to leverage each other's strengths and to provide personalized support throughout the projects.

High quality

The direct involvement of our managers and the competence of our professionals allow us to offer the highest quality service standards as we strive to exceed your expectations. Conscientiousness is second nature to us.

Our history


Guylain Audet and Martin Knight join forces.

In February 1995, Guylain Audet and Martin Knight pool their talent and determination to launch their own construction business.

The two partners started by purchasing formwork and concreting equipment, which they first used in the residential sector. Two years later, they acquired a piling company. As they grew this niche, they began to take on bigger and bigger projects. Over the years, through the quality of their work and their after-sales service, they managed to build a solid reputation in the region.



Sylvain Dallaire joins the team

In 2009, civil engineer Sylvain Dallaire joins Guylain and Martin and becomes one of the company’s shareolder.

This partnership allows Audet & Knight to specialize in the bridge and civil engineering sector, among other areas, and to target new markets.



A new engineer comes on board

In 2014, civil engineer Jean-François Lemay joins the ranks of Audet & Knight.

Jean-François brings additional expertise in civil engineering, underwater works, and retaining Structure (dikes and dams). A few years later, he joins the company’s management team.



Yann Boisvert joins the team

In 2018, Audet & Knight partnered with Yann Boisvert from Yboisvert Industries.

With a strong 10 years of experience in construction, maintenance and supervision, he is the project manager for the workforce. He develops major partnerships with the Nunavut mine, enhancing the business relationships in the area.



New horizons

Because Audet & Knight always aims for growth, it affiliated with Preco-MSE company and thus became a member of the large Roxboro Group family.

Through this affiliation, we now benefit from each other’s expertise, workforce and equipment. This association will further ensure our presence across the province, in northern Ontario and in Nunavut. It also allows us to carry out more large-scale projects.



Jean-François Morissette joins the team.

After the successful rental of the workforce, the team grows with the arrival of Jean-François Morissette as the operations superintendent.

With his 10 years of experience in production supervision and underground development, he helps the team Audet & Knight to increase its expertise as a mining entrepreneur.

End of 2019

Audet & Knight becomes a member of the Association Minière du Québec

Audet & Knight becomes a member of the Association Minière du Québec, offering visibility,  professionalism and support throughout various events relating to the Quebec mining industry.



Patrick Bureau joins the team

The addition of Patrick Bureau allows the group to grow its expertise, with his 10 years in mineral treatment factory and control processes.



The official foundation of Services Miniers Audet & Knight

In 2020, Audet & Knight decides to develop a new division: Services miniers Audet & Knight.

This division is there to promote the range of services in the mining section. Yann Boisvert holds the role of a new shareholder and the general director of the division and Jean-François Morissette has the role of the operations superintendent.



Vincent Chabot joins the team.

Vincent Chabot, a mining engineer, joined our group and completed the management team.


Our management team

Yann Boisvert

General Director, Shareholder

Jean-François Morissette


Vincent Chabot, ing


Pierre Dion


Our Administrative Team

Jean-François Chouinard

Health & Safety Coordinator

Stéphane Richer


Marie-Pier Gagnon

Payroll Administrator

Mathieu Trudel

Recruitment Director

Chantal Baril

Human Resources Assistant

Katy Noël

Recruitment Agent

Arianne Lemire

Recruitment Agent

Chloé Bouffard

Human Resources Counsellor

Our team of
project managers

Jean-Francois Morissette

Superintendant of operations

Vincent Chabot, ing

Director of Operations

Marco Labrecque

Industrial Maintenance Superintendent

Pierre Dion

Maintenance Superintendant

Alexandre Lessard

Maintenance Coordinator

Dany Létourneau

Mechanical Supervisor

Lydia Lemoine

Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Our certifications