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One of our main goals is to guarantee a high-level of satisfaction within our customers, meaning that we ensure our workers are competent with the know-how to bring their projects to conclusion, demonstrating quality of work. Of course, we are proud to teach them our values in matters of health and safety.

We offer our services in short delays, wherever you are located.

Our project managers are available 7 days a week to meet with you. They can meet you directly on your construction sites to evaluate your needs and determine who among the candidates will be able to join your enterprise. Follow-ups are made along the hiring process, a way to ensure the respect of our commitments and your satisfaction.

Seeking workforce?

We have a solution to fit your needs!

Underground mining development

  • Engineering
  • Trackless drifting
  • Track drifting
  • Alimak raise
  • Conventional raise
  • Existing drift and raise rehabilitation
  • Ground support

Infrastructure construction

  • Engineering
  • Maintenance shop, refuge, lunchroom, storage facilities
  • Shotcrete
  • Raise/shaft collar preparation
  • Manway installation in raises
  • Electrical stations
  • Hydrostatic barriers
  • Dewatering installations
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Fire extinction systems

Rental services

  • Mine equipment
  • Rental workforce
  • Underground service maintenance (mechanical and electrical)

Industrial maintenance

  • Workshop maintenance for heavy machinery (mechanical, electrical, welding)
  • Planned shutdown works (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, specialized labour, planner)
  • Process plant maintenance (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, instrumentation, automation)
  • Operation of Process plant, crusher, Power plant, Water treatment plant, etc
  • Hourly labour supply


Mine production

  • Anchor cable drilling and installation
  • Mucking equipment
  • Haulage equipment
  • Dry or cemented rockfill

Industrial operations

  • Process plant and crusher operations
  • Sawmill processing plant operations
  • Power plant operations
  • Water treatment plant operations
  • Operation of heavy equipment in open-pit mines
  • Operation of heavy equipment in surface field service
  • Operation of heavy equipment for road maintenance
  • Mill, surface and service labourer